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Categories of Water Damage You should know about

Posted on 24 April 2018 by admin (0)

Water damage is a dangerous phenomenon which poses a threat to humans economically, physically, and even health wise. However, the debilitating effects of water damage vary in intensity, some are only slight and can easily be recovered from while others require a long period of time and vast resources to fix. This variation in intensity indicates that water damage can be classified into various categories. In this post, we will be listing the different categories of water damage and discussing them

Water damage can be considered under three basic categories known as: Category 1, Category 2, and Category 3

Category 1 (Clean water)

This type of water damage involves water that can be considered “clean”. In other words, the kind of water involved in Category 1 water damage has a low probability of harming humans and their health, and is not a health risk. The most common source of water for category 1 is from natural phenomena like rain or condensation, Category 1 water damage again includes occurrences like leaking or broken water pipes and other supply sources, flooding caused by clogged sinks and bathtubs may also fall under category 1 water damage.

Category 2 (Gray water)

This is a step higher (dirtier perhaps?) from the category above. Category 2 water damage involves water that might have been contaminated in various ways, either through chemical means, the presence of unwanted organisms, or generally any form of contamination. Grey water includes dirty water over flowing from appliances like washing machines or dishwashers, also clogged toilets spilling over with water that possibly has been contacted with urine also falls under the category 2 water damage. Also, water seeping out due to a hydrostatic failure may be considered under this category.

Category 3 (Black water)

Here we have the most unsafe classification of water involved in water damage. This is completely dangerous and may lead to illnesses or even death. Category 3 water damage may be due to overflowing stream or river banks, stagnant water flowing in and invading an apartment, sea water, leaked sewage finding its way indoors. These should be dealt with as a matter of emergency and they pose significant threat to help.


Understanding these categories of water damage is important in order to be able to quantify the level of risk being faced during an incidence of water damage and how best to tackle it.