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Hot Water Heater Purchase and Maintenance Tips

Posted on 07 September 2018 by admin (0)

Frequent indoor maintenance guarantees systems to work efficiently when you depend on them all through the year. The hot water heater in a home is also one of those plumbing systems that would love to get some help through maintenance right now.

Whether you are considering purchasing a new hot water heater or you want to maintain an older hot water heater, here are few tips you can put into consideration:

Maintenance questions – You have to understand the importance of learning the necessary things when it comes to proper maintenance of your hot water heater. Do you need to replace damaged parts, or you want to have the heating system cleaned or flushed, or do you have some adjustments that you want to make on the calibration that you want a professional plumber to perform? The questions above are common one to explore.

Warranties and contracts – you should make efforts to stick to maintenance contracts which are required for warranties. Go through the contracts and make sure you follow the guidelines, similar to ho you carry out maintenance schedules for your vehicle.

Give it a Flush – If you flush your hot water heater every month, it will avoid the buildup of sediments inside the system. Here’s a significant tip: a regular valve which is usually seen on the traditional hot water heater can’t open wide enough to allow for flushing the particles out. An alternative/best option is having a technician install a Wide-Open Valve for you, and this opens wider than the regular valve, and it also possesses a hose connection that directs the water away from the water heating system easily.

Water softeners – The performance of a hot water heater is affected in a negative way by the residues left behind by hard water. Make efforts to test your water, and think about using a softener system so as to avoid corrosion inside the hot water heater.

Pressure regulating valves – A high water pressure in your home may damage your home appliances and even cause the hot water heater to malfunction. Using a pressure regulating valve adjusts the pressure of water throughout the plumbing system, and this should be installed by a qualified plumbing expert.

Consider retirement – The commonly used hot water heaters can last for at least a decade, so if your water heater unit is older than that, then you should probably consider saving energy by getting a replacement, and could be at least 20% in some cases. These water heaters should run all day if water is to be kept hot and constantly ready to be used, accounting for about 30% of the energy bill of a home. Tankless hot water heater systems heat water whenever you need it, and they don’t require so much space in your utility room, and it has a longer warranty.

Protect your investment with these easy-to-do DIY maintenance tips; but you have to depend on a plumber for better maintenance of your water heater system.